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Our Mission

The mission of Florida COVID Response Fund is twofold. Through our partnerships with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and county law enforcement agencies, we will attempt to assist Floridians facing imminent eviction or foreclosure due to COVID-19 through legal representation with our statewide network of attorneys. If legal avenues are exhausted, residents may be eligible for short term rental assistance. Additionally, we are going to utilize our resources to identify and assist families facing food insecurity due to the ongoing pandemic.

  • Do good for others and the community
  • Unite around a common collective
  • Impact the lives of our neighbors
  • Comfort & care for those in need
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Areas of Focus


The statistics are staggering: 65% of residents In Florida are renters. Of those over 33% are currently 1 or more months behind in their rent. Estimates on low income homeowners show close to 10% are now behind 1 or more months on their mortgage payments.

                      Food Insecurity

Individuals and families without access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food) were between 14% - 19% of all households in Florida
PRIOR to the pandemic. Early estimates by tracking agencies put that figure close to 25% currently.

                     Immediate Needs
We understand that every situation is different and so are your needs. Whether your needs are transportation, child care or clothes let us know and we'll do our best to connect you with a local partner organization.

We love what we do

Our team is passionate about galvanizing communities in time of need. Together we change lives.

“What if we were able to put some of our kitchen staff back to work and pumped out thousands of meals a day that would feed the Subculture family and thousands of other restaurant workers who now don’t have a job?”

Rodney Mayo
West Palm Beach, Fl
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